In Harmony

The vision for this collection was "woman + nature": the harmony that exists between them and a synergetic essence that is at once strong, wild, and free. 

She is an untamed beauty, in tune with her senses and with a strong connection to nature. Her wild, yet the harmonious spirit is reflected in one-of-a-kind prints and textiles that were designed to represent the natural lines and surfaces found in nature.

This collection honours the creative collaboration of two founders. Our connection is rooted in a passion for textiles, experimental creative processes, and our shared cultural background.  It is also our acknowledgement and realisation of the power of working with other visual artists:

Art direction: SUZY WOOD
Photography: HAL HAINES
Talent: VAIDA

Location: Hastings, East Sussex

“Limitations are nurtured and turned into perfect imperfections”


"Uninhibited by fashion seasons, each of our garments starts like a small seed that needs careful tending, mindful of nature’s own cycles, its tones and textures".