About Us

bysands is a sustainable luxury fashion brand based in UK. Created with a passion for nature and textile design, the brand is co-founded by Sigita Kaleth and Sandra Yagdzhiyants: textile designers specialising in knit and print respectively, honing their crafts working for luxury fashion houses in London such as Roksanda and Burberry as well as artisan labels Jenny King Embroidery and Sophie Darling.

bysands process is textile-led, guided by what nature has offered when sourcing fabrics, yarns and dyes. The resulting collections harmonise nature’s awe-inspiring beauty with the customer’s own natural form - garments that feel and look incredible to wear. 



Origin matters to us. We work with trusted fabric, fibre and yarn suppliers who can provide the highest level of quality and traceability. 

We have a strong connection to the countryside; we understand the complexities and efforts required to produce something in an ethical and sustainable manner. 



When we select our materials, we not only examine their content, but also how the fibres are weaved together, their weight and flow, and how they feel against the skin. It’s both a technical and sensory process.



Our natural dyes are created predominantly from plants, seeds, leaves, barks, and food waste (for instance, avocado stones, onion skins, red cabbage leaves). The process is sacred to us; stirring, soaking, boiling - tending to our dyes in a sensitive and respectful manner. While we keep our process consistent, each of nature’s seasons yields a different result, and we record everything in our bysands Colour Archive.



The yarns and textiles we use to go through different finishing processes, taking into account the number of washes they require and the amount of rest they need. The way we prepare our textiles plays a fundamental part of the garment journey, shaping each and every design.



While we embrace crafts such as dying, printing, and various needlework, we also work experimentally. Guided by our materials and tools, the outcome is unknown. What some might see as imperfection, becomes what makes bysands garments unique.



We are present in every stitch and curve of our collection, which is handcrafted and sampled in-house.  We offer a made-to-order and made-to-measure service, actively avoiding overproduction. Customisation within the bysands Atelier, knit and print studio, brings the customer on the journey with us.

bysands invites customers on the full creative journey through our Made to Measure service.